“To awaken people, it is the woman who must be awakened. Once she is on the move, the family moves, the village moves, the nation moves.
                                                                                                            -  Jawaharlal Nehru

Zun in Persian/Farsi means "woman". Zun Foundation is an NGO, based in Bangalore, primarily to support the welfare of women & through them, their families & society at large.

Zun offers those who are inclined towards supporting a cause, an opportunity to share their knowledge, time & resources.

Zun hopes to channelize these resources to those women who have the desire to succeed and better themselves, but lack a window of opportunity. We believe that these empowered women will move ahead with confidence, thus becoming contributors to their homes, their families and the society at large.

Zun is also sensitive to the fact that in today's busy world, those gifted with the capacity and intention to give back to society sometimes lack the time essential to devote to such activities.

Through our unique networking approach, we endeavor to provide these generous individuals with a flexible platform of opportunity to contribute to a good cause.  We aim to leverage this advantage from our professional contacts for the common good of society.

Zun Foundation is managed by a secular team of professionals from all walks of life, communities & religions, with supporters and beneficiaries from around the world. 

Vision & Mission

Zun Foundation is committed to becoming a significant provider of opportunities for women in the three areas of focus prioritized as Education, Health, & Family Welfare. We believe that enlightenment & empowerment of women of all communities will result in a significant, cascading and long-lasting benefit to society. The corpus of the Trust shall be open to receive monetary contributions from one and all.


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